Evening Photo of Little Tub Harbour, Tobermory, OntarioThe little harbour village of Tobermory, Ontario, is nestled at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, which separates the waters of Lake Huron from Georgian Bay. Thanks to its unique location, Tobermory is both easily accessible by water or by land yet at the same time remarkably remote from the cares of the world.

Few other places we know of offer such immediate and easy urban access to both the charms of Canada’s small towns and the grandeur of its natural wonders. Yet the rhythms of daily life in Tobermory have been kept to a human scale. Its shops, and tours, restaurants, visitor centres and places of entertainment are neither too “elegant” nor too “quaint”; they are just right. The activities that are standard fare at many other vacation spots like hiking, camping, swimming, diving, fishing, golfing, boating, or just watching the sunrise are all just a little more special in Tobermory.

Apparently others agree for over the past few years many governmental and private organizations of naturalists have established numerous parks and reserves here: the Bruce Trail, Cyprus Lake, Singing Sands, Fathom Five, and Dorcas Bay Nature Reserve are among the extraordinary destinations you can put on your list of places to go and things to do and see.

To celebrate the marine heritage of Tobermory, plan to take in a cruise on a glass-bottom boat to Flowerpot Island, the shipwrecks of Big Tub Harbour, and Fathom Five National Park.

Blue Heron Boat Tours Photo

You will also discover that the people of Tobermory, and especially, the management and staff at the Grandview, are as excited about being here as you will be. But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself.